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Hi, I love the job on the Seadek. That is same color and what I want to do to my 25' Sailfish. Do you mind if I ask the approx. cost for this type of job? Assume was professionally measured but you installed it yourself?
Getting a new hard top built even as I type. 5K for the top no rigging but mine includes the hard top itself. Most builders will want to replace the hard top as well to fit their frame. WMW in NC built your original for GW they wanted 5K as well.
HEY GUYS, Im KenF, JUST joined, have a 265 Express that I have owned since new. Keep it in south Jersey. Just had it put away for season>Enjoy reading this site very much. Will probabley sell this spring due to my age, but who knows?
What year is it? Engines - year and hours?
One of the most prominent car carrier manufacturers in Australia with a history going back 28 years, who are you going to trust? We have new and used car carrier trailers for sale or hire of all sizes. With a large scale factory facility available in Dandenong South Melbourne we could have you trailer ready for you in an estimated 8 weeks!
I checked on Ebay for those decals and could not find them? Do you still see them on there?
Just looked and they are still there. Search “Grady white decals”.