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Hello Ky Grady. I typed out a post for selling my Grady, saved the draft and now I can't navigate back to it. Also want to post some pictures of it and not too sure how to do it. Thanks in advance for your help.
Hi all. I'm looking for a ladder back chair and base for my 2000 Marlin and I'm in the Boston area. Any ideas where I can find one. Used would be great! Thanks
I responded to your post, would it be possible to shoot me a phone number to speak? My number is 631-793-7257 (cell), 516-277-7030 work (ask for George)
Good evening Captain,
Does your tower allow for a complete fold down for a trailered vessel? Lastly, where are located?
Hi Dan,
Just now saw this reply. Crazy morning will call you a bit later from the road. Thanks.
I have a bimini top and side curtains from a 96 seafarer. Located in Oregon. Let me know if you are interested.
hey Peskadote, I'll take you up on that offer if still available just joined please email Mike Thanks!
Hi, I saw your Grady for sale. Can you please provide any additional details and desired price? Does it have a trailer?
Good Morning,
Where are you located, I'm on the fence with selling my 2005 due to health issues. Don't want to waste your or my time.
Sean, if you are the member who lives in Hawaii and recently bought a 208 could you contact me? would like to pick your brain about setting up the boat for Hawaii. Thanks
If you have the seat I will buy it. I was going to send mine off to get recovered but this would be good enough to use as is.
here is my cell phone 609-254-8828 I work in Newark DE so its a drive the OC/MD but do able.
Can you let me know if its no longer I will then looked to get my seat recovered.
Awesome, I just got the templates myself for a few different models. Was concerned the border might make it to wide for the 1242, the 1243 touch saved an inch or soo... My nephew runs the 1242 on his CC, what a GREAT MFD, your gonna really like it...A buddy is gonna help me with the install, doing a carbon fiber plate over helm, and mathing new plates for the instruments and switches...
Hello Ky Grady. I'm from Simpsonville, KY. Owned a Grady since 2000 and not sure why I haven't joined the forum before now... or maybe I did early on and have forgotten. I hope you're having a good day.
Ky Grady
Ky Grady
Hi. What Grady do you have?
My buddy installed the new 200 Mercs on his Pursuit 2870, performance was excellent and fuel burn was super economical, the boat topped out at 48 MPH....The Suzuki warranty is so hard to beat though....
Thanks, when I spoke to GW Customer Support, they rold me they did that up grade starting in 02.... I also need to upgrade electronics. Trying ti figure out what 2 MFD's I can flush mount into the dash box, Looking to do Garmin. Hoping to fit in 1242 or 1243 machines...
I'm in the process of doing dash with one 1242 and suzuki gauges. required some trimming of fiberglass.
there is room for two