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Not a GW owner yet, had four boats. Walk around, Cuddy fish sea ray, I/O mercruiser and ran last one from ‘82 to 2005 offshore Galveston and Freeport. Looking to purchase again, minimum is a 24’ max would be 30’.
Do you have any more of the dome lights w/spreader switch available? I ordered one from my local GW dealer and it's not the same thing.

Thanks, Chuck
Hey guys just bought a 208 adventure love it minor things to fix but love it so far
Did he ever respond? I picked up a 98 272 sailfish in May of 2018 and could not be hapoier. Had all new electronics, autopilot and remote spotlight installed over the winter.
It's been an active spring for us. So far we have put over 33 hours on our boat and 220 miles since we got it. Some fishing, some trolling, some dinner and sunset cruises. It's been very enjoyable albeit cold until recently. The wind off the ocean means wearing very warm clothing. Been very worth the trials. The summer looks like it will be great.
272 Sailfish:
Saw your post from a few years back. Did you eventually purchase the boat? How did the twin 200's work out? How about fuel consumption? I have a similar opportunity a few states away from me and wondering how hard I should consider it?
Thanks for any info you can share!
Hi everyone,
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I’m just wrapping up the purchase of 1981 Sailfish and the boat needs restoration but it’s very usable. Hopefully I can find some good resources for sourcing parts or at the very least to learn more about Grady Whites.
Hello Grady owners.
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Always liked Gradys for fishing and fun and finally bought my own. Profile won’t let me post my model as Tournament 190 so I’m listed as a 192.
Very well maintained with a 1999 repower of a Merc EFI 200.
Prop markings are illegible unfortunately so I’ll be doing some thinking as I move into a new stainless motivator.
Spring is here in Minnesota but the ice is too.
Hi everyone. Located your great site and am presently gutting and rebuilding as necessary a 1984 25 Sailfish. Lots of work ahead but I needed a little project.
We own a 2019 Fisherman 216 The bottom is being painted this week and expect to have it ready very soon.