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    In water canvas cover suggestions for 2022 257 Fisherman

    New Grady owner looking to get a cover to help keep the boat cleaner while in the boat slip. It is for our 2022 257 Fisherman. Thx
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    Looking to add rod holders on my new Fisherman 257

    We are supposed to take delivery next month of our 257 Fisherman. I’m looking for suggestions on adding a few rod holders forward and also an extra pair along the gunnel for trolling. Any suggestions? Thx
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    Trolling setup tips on your 257 Fisherman

    We’re looking forward to taking delivery of our new 257 Fisherman in several months. We plan to head offshore for tuna and mahi later this summer. What trolling setup have you found to work well? We will have outriggers on our t-top. Did you add any extra rod holders along your gunnels?
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    2022 257 Fisherman Dash Electronic Installs

    Thanks for the great perspectives, Skunk! I'll be meeting with Martek for the install and see what they have available at the time. The Grady dealership said I could install 2 10" monitors, but I am thinking that a large 12" might be a nice option??? I just want to know and have insights prior...
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    New Boat Set-up - Mechanical or Digital 150s?

    Thanks for all the feedback. It definitely sounds like digital is the way to go. I really appreciate all the comments. Can't wait for the boat to get finished!
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    New Boat Set-up - Mechanical or Digital 150s?

    We are in the process of ordering a new 257 Fisherman. Do any of you with a similar setup have any opinions on the DEC vs. Mechanical? Trying to make a decision and would like some input from someone that has personally used them. We are going with a pair of Yamaha F150s, but will not be going...
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    2022 257 Fisherman Dash Electronic Installs

    Finally, we are getting our first Grady. We will be taking delivery of a new 2022 Grady 257 Fisherman and are stoked to say the least. We will be outfitting our dash with new electronics and I'm curious of what some of you have done with the newer 257's? We likely will land with a combination...