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    Talk to me about the wings on a Canyon, specifically the 271

    This guy seems to did just fine in the pacific w the marlin. Pick a layout you like. Enjoy the boat and learn when and where you can take it in what weather. or buy a Viking.
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    Talk to me about the wings on a Canyon, specifically the 271

    This Just find a boat that you like the layout of. You seem to like the layout of the 228... just get a bigger one. Bigger is more stable. Bigger you can go faster in bad seas. Bigger costs more in gas. It isn't rocket science.
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    Transom thickness on a Gulfstream

    The V6 200's were a factory offering.
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    Transom thickness on a Gulfstream

    My 2007 Gulfstream w/ twin 200 V6's always sit below the waterline. Granted I didn't check the inspection hatch on the bracket, the scumline on the boat shows it always sat that way well before I became the owner. Mine are stainless, but I am in freshwater so haven't been as concerned. I do...
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    Gulfstream 232 Boat cover.

    Good question! Hadn't thought of that. I store it indoors; so it would be for dust. I would consider a full winter one depending on price. I don't access the boat again until the spring.
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    Gulfstream 232 Boat cover.

    Hi I am looking for advice for a storage cover for my Gulfstream 232 with twins. Thanks for the help. BB
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    The Walk Around Cuddy R.I.P.

    I love the look and ride of the GW walk around. After this gulfstream my next one will be a marlin.
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    Just curious, MPG (or GPM) on a Marlin w/ twin Yamaha 300s?

    Subscribing to this thread. Love my 232 Gulfstream for Lake Superior. Already thinking I may need to bump it up to a 300 Marlin. Mostly for salmon fishing; but want to do some weekends with the family of 6 (North Channel; island hopping/camping). I will need a new truck though....
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    Simrad AP26 questions

    Thank you! I will check that out!
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    Simrad AP26 questions

    So I have an older electronics package on my 232. Circa 2008/09. I have a Simrad AP26 autopilot - I don't know how "active" it is. Especially at trolling speeds (1.7-2.2mph). If I am up planing and turn the dial the boat def will change direction. When I'm trolling the boat easily goes off...
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    232 Kicker options and brackets

    Hey all. Been just loving my 232. Great salmon fishing boat and great family day boat. Absolutely love it!!! My 232 had 1/3rd if the starboard swim platform removed and used to have a kicker on it. I think I'd like to get a kicker back on so I can reduce the hours on my mains. will a Yamaha...
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    No longer on the outside looking in! New (used 232)

    Congrats!!! Been loving my 2008 232! Fishes great for salmon!
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    Off the Great Loop. Boat pulled, see the full damage - Yikes. How to post iPhone MOV files?

    If you make your way to Sault Ste Marie let me know!
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    Guilty pleasure ...anyone else

    Watch these regularly. Entertaining and educational. I def feel the same way about the folks sitting as passengers or kids without life jackets.