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    Radar mounting on hardtop pics

    That is pretty cool! Is the base and folding part available out there? You mentioned you copied from something......

    Toe Rail Replacement

    I replaced my original toe rails with 3/4" Starboard in Seafoam. Seafoam is near perfect match and looks great. Easy job, just trace old one's onto a new piece of Starboard, cut and route, drill holes a bit oversized and put in new screws. I measured and ordered from their cut to size feature...

    How to use Raw water wash down

    I recall when I first got my boat, Grady had a 3 way valve that switched between livewell or Washdown pump. It was a PITA to switch, so I redid all the plumbing and installed 2 pumps for each. I now control the on/off with a switch at the helm. Look for a gray valve to switch if you have not...

    High Water Alarm Recommendations

    I installed the Johnson High water alarm several years ago and very happy with it. Can turn it off if needed in case you are cleaning the bilge and get it wet...

    cost of trailer

    For my very heavy 252G, I had a 2006 Road King that did very well for over 12+ years, but corrosion started to take over. I went back to Road King but overbuilt with heavier bunk brackets, all SS hardware, All SS Road King brakes and 16" custom wheels to get the trailer higher for my case to...

    Wiper on/off valve

    What does this valve do actually? I have an aftermarket Marineco remote wiper washer kit I use on mine now, but have always wondered how I could just pipe into my freshwater pressure system and use it instead? Must be some type of switch to activate a valve to open/close?

    Stopping the email

    I was able to get an email response from Jeff to check my Spam ,which I have been doing and nothing is there .I let him know I was not the only one, but so far no other responses to why a lot of us are not getting the emails or notifications.

    Stopping the email

    Dennis, using a computer mostly..

    Anchor line

    You can get more 8 plait than 3 ply as it will lay down more.

    Stopping the email

    Not finding My Content anywhere. Would love it if we can get the former process working to send me an email so I know to come over to the site.

    Safe cabin heater?

    I just picked up one of the Caframo True North heaters. It does a great job and heats up quickly and is quiet as well:


    I have a pair in cockpit facing aft now for several years and they have done very well. I just moved my 6" speakers from the hardtop (another post) and moved to the gunnels. They sound great! I have a 12" sub box mounted under the deck in the aft berth area that vibrates the entire boat, but...

    Radar mounting on hardtop pics

    I think it is a smart move.

    Stopping the email

    I have been asking the site admin if they can fix it so I can get emails when someone responds to a message I am watching or have responded to. I don't get any since mid December. Something changed and I don't like having to chase down what conversations I might have been involved in by...

    Radar mounting on hardtop pics

    I found this: Simrad and Lowrance's newest radar technology is now available. It has improved upon their existing broadband technology by incorporating Doppler. Doppler has enabled a host of new features, the most prominent of which is VelocityTrack. VelocityTrack actually senses motion of...