07/13/16 Afternoon BFT and Mahi in NJ


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Apr 9, 2015
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With all of the talk of BFT lately I have been dying to get out but, my schedule and lack of crew really haven't allowed me to make the 60 mile run to where the reports are coming from. I was able to scrounge up one friend for a trip yesterday but, there was a catch.... I was coming off a night shift 2 hours away from the boat and he owns a business and needed to be in cell range until at least 12. I decided to say the hell with it and make my own report by looking inshore and doing an afternoon trip.

I got to the boat at around 0800 and did some needed maintenance and restrung my outriggers with new mono and converted them from single to double, picked up some ballyhoo and spearing in case we decided to pot hop and setup the gear.

We shoved off shortly after 12:00 with the intent of running to the Resor area first. I started out towards the area but, the South wind was blowing pretty hard making the ride a little wet. Instead of putting up with that for 30+ miles I decided to turn towards the area of the Lilian. A couple miles out I began noticing big schools of bait (small, couldn't get a good look at them. Rainfish?) on the surface so, we slowed and put out the 8 rod spread. We passed through the Lilian area and continued toward the North end of the Glory Hole picking up a 40" mahi on a skirted ballyhoo and the wwwwwb rod, eventually turning towards the Resor area. Shortly after 5:00 the long rigger (green Sterling bar) began screaming. Continued for another minute or so without any other hookups. Paul took the rod and I cleared 7 lines and kept the boat straight (what a chore!). Paul was disappointed in the fight of his first tuna until the fish saw the boat and took a deep run, pulling 27# of drag and doubling him over on the gunwale . Not much longer after I sunk the gaff into a very round 44" BFT estimated at 50-60#

We wanted to continue over the area but, I had given the wife a float plan and would not have made the check-in time if we had. Maybe I need a SAT phone to call and extend trips, lol. We packed up and headed in happy with the late payoff.

Of course I turned the Go Pro on and was wearing it on my head but, apparently did not hit the record button hard enough...