7/31 Ocean City MD tuna


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Apr 20, 2020
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Virginia Beach
I made another tuna run on my Seafarer 228 out of OC last Sunday. Really calm so i was able to cruise at 24kts going out which is rare and good since neither of my crew had ever been offshore. Got a little late start and arrived at Massys around 7:30, probably 75 boats or so. Pulled into the fleet and saw a couple marks, showed my crew how to throw chunks and two minutes later he barfed, no I said, throw the BAIT chunks. .. I was shaking my head as I was letting out the first bait (live spot) it got hit so i handed the rod off to the other guy. 30# floro leader so we played it for almost an hour and finally boated a 60# yellowfin. We kept chunking (the sick crew miraculously recovered) until about noon a hole butter got hit, handed the rod to him and he and landed another 60lber, in a leg cast no less. Tried a couple pots for mahi on the way in but nothing.
I feel pretty fortunate the boat ran well and caught a couple. Saw a few bent rods during the day but radio charter was mostly skunk and none of the boat's I talked to at the ramp had tuna. Good to get a couple rookies their first tuna and had a great day.IMG953784.jpgIMG_5534.jpgIMG_5531.jpg