Big Red Drum at Cape Hatteras Out of the Surf


GreatGrady Captain
Nov 5, 2007
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Crisfield, MD
I know this is a boating forum. But for you guys who have a love for surf fishing in addition to your boat, you need to get out to the beach down there, particularly at the point. My son and I were down there last week, and it was fabulous. Most of the fish we saw caught were 40" and above. Biggest fish I saw was 47" measured. They came in on the outgoing tide, starting as the sun was going down and into the pitch black nights. The bite was on most nights last week. Last Tuesday night, the bite ran for almost a full hour. Usually when we get down there, everyone says, "You should have been here last week". Let me tell you, we were there for "last week". My arms hurt and my back is tight from pulling in those fat girls. Speak with Dan, the owner of the Red Drum Tackle Shop in Buxton, NC (Buxton is the town where Cape Hatteras is ). Dan was fishing right near me most of those nights, and he can provide you with updates. Good luck, for me it was the fantasy trip of a lifetime.