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Feb 28, 2005
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Norwell, MA
Hi all,
About to start my 2nd season (hopefully soon) with my 306 Canyon and I'm looking for creative ideas for storage. Fishing off of Cape Cod from Scituate, we often will target multiple species in a trip, meaning lots of gear. We may spend the early morning livelining for tuna, do some groundfishing for haddock, then maybe light tackle for bass or blues in shore.

Coming from the Sailfish with the cabin and its storage, I'm adjusting to the lack of it on the 306, despite the larger size. The console is really only good for rods 6' or so, most of what we do is with 7' or longer.

For those with CCs (or anyone), what are some ways to store extra rods, gaffs, net, ditch bag with epirb, pfds, harpoon, other gear, etc? Any ideas appreciated.


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Jan 31, 2005
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Some ideas from a Marlin guy so what do I know.
1.) Add additional gunnel rod holders. You may ben want to get some mid and fore deck if you can get access.
2.) Bolt on additional tulip holders. Walk the boat and see where you can add some.
3.) More hardtop mounted holders. If the soft top, maybe around the piping over the hand grabs. If the hard top maybe a custom hard top side top holder (similar to those on the aft of the hard top).
4.) Look at the aft port side. Is there an opportunity to put something low like the white plastic (or maybe a softer material that gives a bit if you bump them) down low?
5.) Any opportunity to lay equipment on the hardtop itself? Maybe not when running but just to get what you are not using up and out of the way?
6.) Any opportunity for multi piece rods to make storage and handling easier?
7.) Under gunnel storage. IDK, but is that space used efficiently as it could be? Do you have special items that can stack tighter?
8.) Aft mounted storage infront of the outboards. Maybe a soft material or velcro straps mid to top and hard bottom lock-ins so you can still raise the motors without interfetenc? Maybe a removable that you only put in when fishing using the V-lock product. Like this...

Whatever you do, share and get feedback. I'm sure you can tweak it and make it even better with the folks around here.
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