Club is starting up again!

Capt. Ed

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Jan 14, 2009
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Wilmington, NC
Copied from a letter from Grady White, meeting is scheduled for August 3; contact Atlantic Marine to let them know you are coming.

July 27, 2012


We are excited about starting up the Cape Fear Grady-White Club again. We had a great response to the club mailing. We are up to 46 members and that doesn’t include all of the wives (whom we hope will join in on the fun). It was very nice meeting several of you last weekend at Atlantic Marine’s Customer Appreciation Day!

We are ready to schedule our first event, a social meet-and-greet. We will have our social at Atlantic Marine’s Service Facility located at 6014 Wrightsville Avenue in Wilmington. We will have the social from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and will have plenty of refreshments for everyone. We’ll get to know each other and talk about what you would like to get out of the club. Hopefully, we will get a few dates on our personal calendars for some events, cruises, cookouts, tournaments, etc. To give you an idea of what everyone is interested in, I’ve listed the results of the survey cards you returned to me. As you can see, the Cape Fear Club Members are well rounded and like to have all types of fun!

# Interested Activity
25 Fishing Tournament
12 Overnight Cruise
7 Golf Trip
32 Fishing Seminar/School
20 Picnic/Raft Up
32 Club Cookout
30 Day Cruise
12 Charitable Activity
22 Plant Tour