Grady southbound to FL


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Mar 30, 2015
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Cape Cod
Freedom 335
I am tired of the short fishing season on Cape Cod! Although the fishing is amazing. So, I am considering finding a place down on the East coast of FL between Stuart and Miami to spend the winter months. I am in the early stages of planning but wonder if anyone has recommendations on areas to consider when it comes to basing my boat. I have a slip today here on the Cape for my Grady 335, but not so sure how it works in FL. Seems like racking is very common. I'd like to be close to an inlet, but it would seem some inlets are more friendly than others. Any recommendations would be much appreciated. I am likely to ship/run the boat back and forth at least initially.


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Feb 28, 2005
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Palm Beach County, FL
Just from the areas I know:

Jupiter Inlet does not have a sand transfer plant so has a serious sand bar. This bar becomes very dangerous on high east winds. People get hurt here. On flat calm days it is fine.

Lake Worth (Palm Beach) Inlet is well maintained and is the safest inlet in Palm Beach County. There is a fairly small Port of Palm Beach which generates only a small amount of container ship traffic and one cruise ship. Neither of these pose a problem for recreational boaters.

South Lake Worth (Boynton) Inlet was actually dredged to solve water quality issues and not for navigation. It is shallow and with a blind curve. Not too shallow for your boat however. It too, can have a sand bar with breakers on an east wind. The problem is, you're committed in the inlet by the time you make the turn and see what conditions you're heading into. Most locals know what to expect on any given wind condition. But if it's more hairy-scary than they expected getting out, they'll come in Lake Worth Inlet 14 miles to the north.

Boca Inlet is a smaller, more narrow inlet but has a small dedicated dredge. While not nearly as big and safe as Lake Worth, it is reasonably good on favorable wind conditions.

I have not run Pompano Inlet in many years.

Ft. Lauderdale Inlet is also wide, deep and well maintained. Other than contending with all the commercial shipping and cruise ship traffic, it is a safe inlet.

I've run out of Baker's Haulover Inlet several times, but only on calm days. Local knowledge is necessary and you're fine. I'm told it can be a bad inlet in certain conditions.

Miami's Government Cut is big, wide and deep. We have used it on trips to Bimini. However. one time the Inlet was closed to recreational traffic for security for all of the cruise ships in port at the time. At least that is what the Coast Guard told us. We were directed to a much smaller inlet to the south.