My last fishing report from the gulf


GreatGrady Captain
Mar 14, 2010
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Okay guys, this is my last fishing report from the gulf, as I am shipping my boat to Blue Points Marina at Port Canaveral.
We are moving South to be close to our Son, grandkids, and our brothers.
So......1st report: 25 March, before the reef donkey's were closed on 31 March; we went out about 40 nm South from the PCB pass. We kept 7 AJ's 35-41 pounds, and caught 16 of the monsters. We caught only 2 black snapper, but 21 huge red snapper (released season closed), 20 gag grouper (released season closed), and 14 giant triggerfish (released season closed). My arms are still sore from hauling the reef donkeys up.
2nd report: Saturday, April fools day. We went 18 nm Southwest from the pass; 26 triggerfish (released season closed), 21 red snapper (released season closed), 1 black snapper, and 10 vermillion snapper. We also got boarded by FWC and the officer checked our fish. He liked my boat (Marlin), looked it over well, and said we had more fish in the box than anyone else they stopped thus far. Oh, he checked our rigs for circle hooks too.
Nest report will be from the Atlantic side.
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