Saturday on the gulf


GreatGrady Captain
Mar 14, 2010
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So we have been trying for a couple weeks to get offshore, 28+, for grouper, mangrove snapper and vermillion snapper. Weather has been stormy and windy, plus I have been out of town visiting quite a bit these past 2 months. So we had a favorable weather forecast for the morning, and forecasted seas of 1 foot. Ahh, there you have it......forecast was completely bull....! After loading up on live bait we ran out the pass to find strong East winds and 2-4 foot seas. At 15 miles out of the pass, seas were only getting worse. We changed our plan to fish in the 15-18 mile range. Most of my spots marked well on the bottom machine, but alas, "when the winds are from the East, fishing is the least". Add that to the full moon phase and presto very frustrating morning. Only caught AJs and Red snapper, both closed in Federal waters. The thunderstorms finally ran us back in, but all of us very unhappy.