Seafarer bracketed w/Bimini vs no bracket and hardtop

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Mar 1, 2006
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I have bottom paint on my boat and don't worry at all about beaching it.

My question was for boats without bottom paint. In the Grady demo videos they show these beautiful brand new shiny hulls up on the sand, and it half makes me cringe wondering if that's scratching the finish.
I don't beach mine. I'll ease in close and throw out stern anchor then walk bow anchor in. Have to get off on stern anyway since bow is to high off the water. Have backed in also, get close, cut motor and tilt up, again using two anchors. My signature pic is sitting on a sandbar in Tampa Bay, pretty much floated in and dropped anchor, I'm sitting in waist deep water there. The other pic you can see the beach under the boat dropping off. Bow, waist deep, stern, chest/neck deep, tide was going out so wanted some water under me so I could leave when I wanted to. 20170423_202154.jpg 20180523_143432.jpg


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Jan 8, 2019
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Playing the averages, sure, a boat kept out of the water "should" fare better over the years than one that is kept in the water. BUT, that absolutely does NOT mean that a wet slipped boat (and there are many, MANY of these throughout the States... and of course the world) will be bad. There are WAY too many factors and variables at play to make a blanket statement. As long as the buyer does his/her due diligence during the "checking out" phase, I personally see nothing wrong with a bottom painted boat.

A lot of this boils down to how someone plans on using their new boat. If they're going to keep it on a trailer or a lift, then sure, a clean bottom makes more sense. On the other hand, if they're going to slip it (or the aesthetics of a painted hull doesn't bother them), then purchasing a boat already painted can be seen as an advantage.

It's all personal preference - there will never be a "best" way... just like there is no "best oil to use" :)

thank you. Blanket statements about bottom paint are not necessarily true. I just walked away from a 244 explorer that has no bottom paint and was lift kept its whole life. The moisture meter pegged at over 32 perfect when surveyed. This boat is barely registering at 8% and slip kept 3 months per year. Mine will NOT be slip kept however. A proper survey will give all the answers necessary.