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Simrad sounder problem


GreatGrady Captain
Nov 11, 2017
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Venice, Florida
Last year I installed a new Simrad GO9XSE with StructureScan transducer. I live on the Gulf coast of Florida and most of my fishing is shallow....usually 40 to 110 ft of water. The thing worked OK, although I never figured out how to make it show all those pretty side scan pictures of the bottom like you see on the ads. I think I'm too old and impatient to spend time pushing all those buttons, well there aren't any buttons anymore. Anyway I turn it on med Chirp and it does good.

THEN, we took the boat down to the Keys for a week and I found that when I got out to 150ft of water the bottom picture started to degrade. As I continued on deeper, by the time I reached 200ft I had a completely blank white screen. The first thing I did was go adrift to see if it was a problem with disturbance from running. No change, sitting still, idling or running...blank screen. I went to the menu and tried all the different settings for the transducer and nothing. The first day I thought the thing had just went tits-up but as we neared shore on returning and we got in about 180 ft the picture started coming back. By the time I got to about 150ft the bottom was showing. I'm wondering if anyone else has had a problem with this unit like this or if someone might know what could be causing this. Surely a rig that cost over a Grand is better than that. I would sure appreciate any and all thoughts on this.