Teleflex ECU i6000 series failure- 2006 Grady 360 Express Triple 250 Yamahas

May 6, 2018
Ok last week attempted to go out for a days fishing. Started my "starboard" engine 1 perfect. Engine ( Center) 2 perfect. Engine 3 (Port) dead as a door nail! No turn over, no crank. I went through every troubleshooting procedure through the day trying to eliminate every possible cause. Long story short, me and my marine mechanic narrowed it down to the port side ECU. After a tediously long day researching, i'm finding out this set Teleflex i6000 was stopped being produced. Luckily I managed to find a used ECU on ebay so I'm hoping this will just be a plug and play situation. (Low Expectations) But does anyone have any tips or suggestions for this repair and if it does fail what are my options to upgrade the controls system? Any advice would be much appreciated..
Anyone have a similar experience?
Thanks Ron


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