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    WTB Grady White 330 express

    That’s a 330. Looks nice, not sure on the hardtop AC though
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    Transom Issues

    Issue is the bad design from the factory. I’m not an expert, but I did have my Marlin transom done. You’ll need to pull the boat, pull the motors and address it. Unfortunately. What year?
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    Looking to buy a used 208 Adventure

    Sounds like a good thought process. The 208 is really a big little boat that will serve you well. the right one will come along I’m sure.
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    2006 Marlin: what to watch out for?

    Aft deck has access hatch to the generator under the seat. Also fuel selector handles are in there. That one just opens. Immediately forward is a large deck hatch that would need to be resealed if opened. Can open deck plates on that hatch where seacocks are and have. Look around though.
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    Where do i find out about radar?

    I went through this last year with a C120. Analog radar is not compatible with any new system. I was able to get an adapter plate for the C120 to an Axiom 12 so that fit in with no new cutting. And went Raymarine new radar as well. The C120 is a fine unit, but the DSM sounder is what gave me...
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    Looking to buy a used 208 Adventure

    I had a 208 for a number of years. Great boat. Buying in this market you just need to be fast. Have your cash readily accessible and deposit ready to go. In the 30k price range I’d say Craigslist is a good bet, as well as Facebook. Searchtempest to search Craigslist out farther. Probably more...
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    Real Repower Cost, Twin 250's

    Are the motors on there completely shot? Might be able to run it for a while until the market cools.
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    300 Marlin - Gen or not to Gen?

    Good to hear for me I guess. When I bought mine I really wanted the generator and bow thruster. Both are expensive aftermarket. Overall really happy. I had the Yamaha exhausts replaced and the transom bang cap done over with glass. Next owner should be happy when it’s time.
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    300 Marlin - Gen or not to Gen?

    I have a 2005 Marlin with generator. No microwave or real coffee maker (or stove or AC) without the gen when running. My primary use is AC. Nice to have on hot days. I would say that if it’s only for a handful of times per year you’d be fine without it. But very expensive to add later so all...
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    Marlin transducer flats

    Thanks for the drawing. That’s very helpful
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    Marlin transducer flats

    Same here, I’ve got a big dead transducer and fairing block in my mid bilge area. Don’t want to deal with having it removed as it’s a big hole. I think B 175 in the rear flat is the answer. Going to my Raymarine Axiom
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    Grady raised decals for 257 advance

    Dealer should have new style. They look really nice.
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    Marlin transducer flats

    Thanks, boat is on the hard now and wrapped. I can see the outside dimensions but not internal. Just for clarity we are talking rear flats for the B175? Not the midship bilge area under the aft bunk?
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    Raymarine C120 replacement options

    I learned the hard way that transducers have a life span. My 2005 died last year. Best to just replace it while you’re upgrading. Worth it in the long run.
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    new to boating-

    235 is great, but the market is hot. If you find one used then jump on it. Like Sean said above look for 225s as well.