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    electronics upgrade

    Sorry for the delayed response - been too busy fishing! No regrets at all about the radar. It works well with the Axiom and makes a nice overlay on the chart. I use the radar mainly to spot other boats and buoys especially in the fog so it's great for that purpose. Good luck with the new units...
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    electronics upgrade

    I upgraded my 2011 raymarine c120 unit to Axiom 12in units in 2017 but I had to change my dsm unit to a CP370. Used my 2011 digital radar without issue. Fowl is right - some new cables and adapters were needed but I can't remember the details.
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    Vinyl supplier

    I bought this to redo the bolsters on my 2004 265- bought it at "textile commission" and had it very quickly. Direct match for the old bolsters and the rest of the interior. Seaquest Upholstery Vinyl Pleated #025 Sea White
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    This banana curse is real!

    You can get the orange stains from sunblocks containing avobenzene, which is most sunblocks unfortunately. Some of my seats have a tinge that is slowly fading over time. I have anyone going on the boat apply the sunblock on the shore and let it dry,which seems to help. It sounds like your...
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    Polishing Buffing tool idea

    I not only have a Grady but restore 13 ft Whalers - have done 8 of them. While I have 2 RO buffers including the Shurhold, my go-to buffer is- believe it or not- a Harbor Freight rotary 7" unit. Much better power and great for medium to very heavy oxidation. 3M products especially Restore...
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    STBD list on Express 265

    I have an '04, so less of a deep V than the earlier models, but I just launched and noticed I do have a slight stbd list at the dock, which I haven't noticed before. My fuel tanks are less than 1/4 full so the boat is sitting quite a bit higher in the water, which will make the list more...
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    265 Express/Suzuki DF200APXW2

    I love the space between the motors for maintenance- especially compared to my F225s.
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    Buying a new polisher

    I not only keep my Grady nicely polished, but I also restore 13 ft Whalers (#8 is in the garage). Most of them are in tough shape with oxidation inside and out. I have a Shurhold DA, Makita rotary, and a variable speed HF 7" rotary. After trying them all, I use the HF rotary 90% of the time...
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    Old bottom paint removal

    Try a search on the Cape Cod Craiglist for "boat bottom". There are a few mobile blasting listings including one that uses glass beads. Claims to be better than soda. He's in RI and could easily take the ferry from Woods Hole. I'll be curious what you find - I'm in Falmouth and am considering...
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    Need insurance recommendations

    Try Charter Oaks/Gallagher - great prices and service 888 879 2248
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    Salt Away?

    I agree that citric acid used incorrectly can damage the aluminum surfaces so the question I'm looking at - is there a concentration to use and for how long to prevent damage yet remove the deposits. This is what I'm checking into. I found an interesting research paper that indicates it can...
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    Salt Away?

    Probably OK but it's a weak acid w surfactant and chelating agents, as Doc mentioned above. You'd need a lot of it to be effective. it's meant to be put in a pipe full strength and let it sit to remove scale or directly (100%) onto a surface to clean it. BTW, turns out vinegar is only about...
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    Salt Away?

    Sorry, but I don't agree due to the science of deposits scaling on hot surfaces - only using it from the time it's new but not otherwise isn't logical. The scale will form new or old- it's totally temperature dependent. The hotter parts of the engine will scale as the cooling water heats up...
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    Salt Away?

    Some of the salts that deposit in the engine are calcium or magnesium salts. They're what is commonly called "hardness". They're weird salts - called inverse salts - because they get less soluble as the water temperature increases. So hot areas of the engine could have deposits of the inverse...
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    Gradys and Whalers

    2004 Grady 265 Express and a 2008 150 Sport Whaler. I also restore 13 ft classic Whalers- working on #8 now. IMO, the quality of the Grady far surpasses that of the Whaler.