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    Goin' Fishin'

    Saw this one going west towards the gulf. I can only assume that he was going fishing since he stopped at a gas station first!
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    Just days away from first GW Adventure 208 2021! Am I on the right track?

    We are planning to retire in WA and fishing in the PS within the next couple of years. We own a 204C Overnighter which is very comparable to the 208 so it's good to hear your experiences out there! Just remember, without pictures, it never happened! ;) Mac
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    Hurricane Prep HELP

    I agree, there were many times where the hype was worse than the storm itself, however, had it been the other way around... Last year a friend of mine up in the Panhandle had the same dilemma, pull it out of the water or leave it in the slip. He was very happy when Sally made landfall as a Cat...
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    Hurricane Prep HELP

    We have GEICO as well for our GW (trailered), but when we had the 97 Sea Ray 330 we definitely took them up on the haul out and placing it on the hard for the duration of the storm. For my marina it cost me $200 plus a couple of days on the stands. In total, for the last hurricane it cost me...
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    1989 grady white window seals

    Not sure which seal shape you have, but you may find something at Boat Outfitters.
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    Favorite Trailering Destination:

    While we haven't trailered our Overnighter yet, aside from bringing it home, we will be trailering from Bradenton, FL to our favorite destinations we used to go to in the past with our other small boat. Those places include Pensacola, Naples and Port Canaveral, FL. We will now add The Keys to...
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    Just joined Grady White Club

    Welcome from Bradenton, FL!
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    Time For A New Trailer

    Amen, Brother! I have looked at the costs to get this trailer fixed, but, even if it were feasible, it is still seems too light for for a boat that weighs in around 2500# (with motor and empty fuel tanks). The new trailer is aluminum which means I'll be pulling a little less weight overall and...
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    Time For A New Trailer

    INteresting that you mentioned the bearings as that was something I forgot to mention. When I was replacing the tires on this one, I noticed that the wheels didn't turn as freely as they should have and the port side had a touch of a grind to it. As for fixing it up for sale, the folks where I...
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    Time For A New Trailer

    Of course, I will post pics of the new trailer when it arrives and the work is done!
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    Time For A New Trailer

    When I bought the '92 204C I knew that the trailer was going to need work. I saw the issue with the frame cross member and I saw the excess rust and knew the lights were, well, rigged. We towed the thing home and it was an adventure! The trailer is too short for the boat and, while rollers do...
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    Grady 235: windlass or not?

    When you have it and rarely use it, it is far better than not having it and needing it! Just be sure to exercise it once in a while. This comes from someone who owned a '97 Sea Ray 330 Sundancer. We too rarely anchored, but, when we did, it was nice to sit back and let the windlass do the work!
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    Show Us Your Grady

  14. 20210718_185628.jpg


    1992 GW 204C
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    Show Us Your Grady

    New to us, a '92 204C.