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    Trying to fix my fuel sender, wiring or Guage

    That woks if you can move the float or slide but if you can't you also can not be 100% sure that the sender is working
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    Thru Hull transducer in Hull pocket yes or no??

    By In-kull are you referring to a shoot through (no hole in hull)? If so and that works well, a thru hull can only work better I would think
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    Thru Hull transducer in Hull pocket yes or no??

    Am I looking back towards the transom? What did the old faring block look like? I am not sure what area you are proposing for the ducer but I would be concerned about an air pocket and/or turbulence
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    Trying to fix my fuel sender, wiring or Guage

    How did you determine that the gauge is bad? As mentioned a pic would help but so will a description of the gauge like analog or digital, brand or at least motor type, description of any display data vs all blank. etc. Ohm and how many tanks.
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    What does this mean?

    I see the following message in a few poSts ' You are ignoring content by this member. Show ignored content' What does it mean ?
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    2004 Yamaha F225 exhaust problems

    That is an important observation that is often not considered. Pull the power head and drop the oil pan.
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    2000's gulfstream 232 repower with twin 150's?

    Yes, it tells you the dealer cant get 200s either:) Did you notice if the motors were digital throttle and shift?
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    Charging your boats batteries with an extention cord at the dock?

    That is how my two batteries are wired. Like a lot of folks with two batteries, I typically run on 1 battery only. I alternate which battery it is, 1 or 2. Sometimes after a longish trip, I will switch to BOTH for the trip back home, That is done to top off both batteries. The practice of using...
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    Live well

    It is very possible that you will have to cut a hole in the deck. The hole would be the correct size to later install a deck inspection plate. The trick is figuring the best spot to cut the hole.
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    Help ...bought a DeWalt RO buffer need pads

    I use Presta pads but a decent set can cost more than the buffer:) Although you should have three types of pads, two may do OK if you don't have a lot of compounding to do. A buffing pad and a polishing pad will do fine. The problem is that the pads clog up so it is helpful to have more than one...
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    Charging your boats batteries with an extention cord at the dock?

    FYI: I top off my 208 batteries in the fall, disconnect the ground cables and store the boat on a trailer for the winter. Been doing that for 15 years. Boat always cranks over in the spring ( I have replaced batteries twice in that time). My point is that the batteries retain a charge for a...
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    Replacement lewmar windlass buttons

    Agreed mostly. The Up/Down indications are handy when you ask your first mate to run the windless up:)
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    Is Eisenglass or equivalent standard on Grady White boats

    I am pretty sure they stopped taking orders due to supply chain issues. Perhaps they have re-started order taking. Regardless, it doesn't help the OP
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    Head set up in 2008 283 Release?

    Adding an odor treatment is recommended. If you download the owners manual you will see where the tank is loaded in theory. What is almost a certainty is that the tank will be close to wherever the pump out gunnel/deck fitting is located. For owners manuals search for Grady White owners manuals...
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    Replacement lewmar windlass buttons

    In theory but there are functional differences. Some switches have buttons on them enabling operation without having to lift the cover. The OP's look like button type. Secondly for the anal retentive group, some models come in two versions, either with the words Up and Down or with an up arror...