Facebook group


GreatGrady Captain
Mar 5, 2019
Cedar Creek, TX
Grady White Model
Fyi - I made a Facebook Group. Now, Disclaimer:

1 - there is zero reason to use the Facebook group as I am the only member. We have TONS of Facebook Groups for Grady White and they all have lots of members. The sole reason to do it was to reach out and find new Gulf Coast people, period.

2 - To be honest, I think the experience and people on this site are the best resource, so it is my opinion only that we Texas folk use the FB group to gather more GW people from Texas, LA, WHEREVER, along the Gulf Coast and then use this site as a focal point.

3 - Lastly, I am in zero way experienced in GRady things...never owned one till now...have not seen more than photos and videos of it till next Monday...lol...but I know the Internet...Al Gore and I invented it (lol...joking...Al was standing next to me when I went, ‘Holy Toledo, Al! I plugged this wire into the wall and look what happened!’..”...(okay, another joke).. and when all is said and done, I will gladly turn the page over to the MarineMax people that supposedly run the GW group in this area...but, would like to jump start it and so...we start here?;)

So, search for “Gulf Coast Grady White Owners” and join up and let’s see if we can get this Chapter back going?

Totally okay if not, but seems like a good thing to try.

Then, if this site is okay with it...point them back here?

Hope I am not stepping on toes, but I did not want Florida and Cesapeak or however it is spelled to have all the fun;)