Okay, check this out.. had an idea...


GreatGrady Captain
Mar 5, 2019
Cedar Creek, TX
Grady White Model
So, I had an idea, after looking at another thread, tell me what your thoughts are...(I know.. scary.. lol)

Look at the picture below. What the PO, or the one before, did was they took the DOOR off the Islander dash, and simply placed a panel over it, and added the VHF and the 10" screen, right?

I keep trying to figure out how to get another 1/2-1" out of the dash to fit a 2nd screen, but.. I was wondering if what I need to think of is how to re-design that dash.. rather than "cover it". For instance,

I noticed the hinge to the door is still there (I do not have the boat here, so it hit me as I was looking at it... not the boat.. the idea.. lol )... The problem is, my mind always thinks towards structural strength. The closer I get to the edges, the less structural strength I have for screws... ...so I was like, "well, design a fancy "bracket" or whatever that screws into the sides of the dash so you can take it to the edge.."

That got me looking at how I match it top and bottom, so it does not look like a hack job..

Then, I thought, what if there was a way to design an entire dash cover....sorta like the sun cover, that (I would need to remove that hinge assembly all together), went over the entire dash, like a fish finder cover, and I sealed it all along the edges, just like a deck hatch, and screwed it in with some sort of screws that would also be strong, but decorative (have to also make it look nice but strength and durability are the key factors....heh)... so I could use the entire dash area...

I know... gotta "picture it".. and, not easy to do.

Will not be that cheap...

BUT...now that I think about it.. even a thick starboard piece that simply has the shape cut out of it deep enough that it overlaps...

So, it is possible.. will not be "cheap" i am sure, but should easily allow me to gain more "real estate" on the dash...


(Not happening soon.. lol.. this is a while..but... trying to find a way to add a 2nd screen right next to the other..heh. I am a computer guy.. my mind thinks 'ergo dynamics'... and I hate looking up-down-up-down to two screens)