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    WTB Grady White 330 express

    I keep seeing this recently in my searches, seems clean
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    Tow eye 30 Marlin

    I remember see this boat when it was listed, sounds like exactly what you are looking for
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    Real Repower Cost, Twin 250's

    I agree to have everything in writing. I got one quote today, 21,400 for each Suzuki 250, labor, controls, tax brought it for $54K. Low compression on 2 bottom cylinder same enigne. I spoke with the sellers mechanic and he was thinking carbon on valves, they still had 80psi. Motors have over...
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    Real Repower Cost, Twin 250's

    We just wanted new for the sake of having trouble free motors, hopefully. Not opposed to used for the right price. We are looking at early 2000's Marlins to repower new, anything newer than 2004 seems to get steep in price and still have 15 year old outboards with 1000 hours, I would rather...
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    Real Repower Cost, Twin 250's

    I was not sure what to expect and went to the boat show to ask around and that was what one small Suzuki dealer said. He actually recommended calling a larger dealership figuring they could beat his price and was closer to me, $11k more was a little bit of a shock Not close to me but Sandpiper...
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    Real Repower Cost, Twin 250's

    I looked at a 2002 Marlin over the weekend that needs to be repowered. At the boat show I spoke with one marina and they seemed confident they could rig new Suzuki twin 250's with digital controls for around $45k. I called a larger dealer today and they quoted $56k for the same thing and have...
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    WTB GULFSTREAM 1993-2001

    Any interest in a 268 Islander with twin 150's, 300 hours on motors. Before we bought this boat we were looking for a Gulfstream until we saw one next to an Islander on land, the Islander looked like a lot more boat to us. On a 2015 Load Rite trailer located in Massachusetts.
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    WTB 1992 or newer 25 sailfish

    There has been one for sale in Boston Craigslist for at least a year with a blown 350hp Yamaha, recently saw it reposted, it had a trailer under it before but is listed without it currently
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    2002 Marlin in Key Largo - Craigslist Scam

    Thanks for the offer, but I am done with this one. I was mainly curious if anyone else had any interactions with this ad where it was listed for awhile and I know there are a few people here looking for a Marlin. It was just a strange conversation even as far as scams go, if its not a scam the...
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    2002 Marlin in Key Largo - Craigslist Scam

    I feel like I am usually pretty good about picking out the scams. This one was interesting where the ad looked so real with relevant information and requested text message, and I was watching this particular boat for awhile too. The way the text conversation went was odd even for a scam. I...
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    2002 Marlin in Key Largo - Craigslist Scam

    I am more just. frustrated to what these scammers actually get out of these ads. I find it hard to believe many people fall for scams on these big ticket items for the volume of scam ads there are. My thought is they are looking for emails and contact information to sell. If that boat I...
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    New member & new (to me) 232 Gulfstream (Repower Questions)

    If you are looking for a used motor I would include a used OX66 in your searches, might be more economical to find a running takeoff then a powerhead for that one. They seem to be harder to find but it would be a low cost option to get on the water, and after parting the one you have out even...
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    2002 Marlin in Key Largo - Craigslist Scam

    Anyone have any interactions with a seller of a 2002 Marlin with 2006 250's in Key Largo from Craigslist? It has been listed awhile and I have been watching it. Price was recently lowerred and I reached out and it get very weird very fast. Asking $60k without trailer, said he would do $52...
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    Islander Trailer Setup

    The only full side photos I have in my phone. We had this on a 7k tandem trailer for a 24'ish boat. We knew the trailer was way too small but we planned on just moving a few miles from ramp once a year and we already had the trailer. Although the boat was long for the trailer it fit...
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    Sourcing new-used outboards 2000 Gulfstream 232

    Rigging the motors and wiring is not all that bad. If mechanical controls on the new-to-you motors the control cables should be the same, but might be worth switching out anyways if original, they are not that expensive. Another thing to consider if you are going to repower used, make sure the...