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    replacement wiper blades

    The old school ones that attach to the arm with a bracket and screw are Anco 52-XX where XX is the length. (most are either 16 or 18) Readily available....
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    Multiple different Grady White's available on the east coast - Not mine

    Just a heads up....I'm looking at one NOT posted here, but my service manager has indicated that the midsection repair kits are not available and Yamaha has no idea when or if they will be available again. His recommendation is to steer clear of one that hasn't been done.
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    WTB, borrow or rent 2004 Tournament 225 cockpit cover

    I’ve had custom bow and cockpit covers made out of sunbrella in the past and it was about $1200 or so for both. A fair price and they fit perfectly, had Velcro flaps around the Bimini frame etc. Go custom - it’s worth it.
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    WTB, borrow or rent 2004 Tournament 225 cockpit cover

    Not sure where you are located but any reputable canvas shop can make a template quickly, and make a cover that fits perfectly.
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    VHF Radio Recommendations

    Whatever radio you decide onc don’t skimp on the antenna. Expect to pay in the neighborhood of $200 for a decent Shakespeare or Digital.
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    fuel management sensor

    Also check eBay they pop up pretty regularly as people repower.
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    223 Tournament Center Windshield

    Wise RV Glass here in Georgia can do it. Call them. 470-345-6521
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    A little boater humility

    Get the WEMA style....if you call GW Cust Serv they will tell you the depth of the tank. Order one 1/2" shorter so it will read empty but leave a bit of reserve for you in the tank. PS - There are two kinds of people...those who run out of gas and those who WILL run out of gas someday...
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    Need Insurance Recommendation

    I fired Boat US/Geico last year after over 25 years with them. The rate increase was absurd. I went with Foremost - which is the marine insurance division of Farmers. No complaints, same coverage as I had with Boat US/Geico and the premium was a few bucks cheaper.
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    GW 225 Tournament DC / 225 OX66

    1999 Grady White Tournament 225 Dual Console. Ready for fresh or salt water. $22,500 404-482-1005 Factory Options • Bimini Top • Hydraulic Steering • Livewell • Pulpit, Windlass and Fentress Anchor • Fresh Water Washdown • Full Transom Bracket with Ladder • Deluxe Captains Chairs • Dual...
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    Red Button in Bilge

    As others have said, swap it out. It will fail at the absolutely utmost inconvenient time.
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    Fisherman 180 Height on Trailer

    The trailer will have a lot to do with overall height. If it's on a roller trailer, it will sit higher than a bunk trailer.
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    Grady 205 Biggest GPS?

    I had a 205. You can get a 10" screen in there, although you won't be able to also get your VHF there too. You can either move your VHF down to your knees where it's useless, or go with a RAM mic type setup that controls everything.
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    NY Boat Show, hiding in the crowds

    Seasick - shame on me for not coordinating with you...I was in town and went to the show on Thursday. I looked in the bilge of the GWs on display...while not as clean as the Pursuits, it also wasn't as bad as some of the pics and posts that have appeared here.
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    NY Boat Show, first impressions

    I was in town for work Wednesday and Thursday....I went for a bit Thursday afternoon. $20 to walk through the door. I skipped the hot dog and coke for $12 I was underwhelmed as well. I miss the old days....when boat shows had a whole section where you could actually purchase...