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    Fuel Before Winter Layup

    Thanks everyone I'm thinking I'm going to stabilize the 20-25 gals that is left in both tanks and call it good. Less chance for spoiled gas and trying to deal with that in the spring. Swap out the fuel water separators come spring time (in case of some condensation) and then fill with fresh gas...
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    Fuel Before Winter Layup

    I'm sure this is a popular topic but with a lot of conflicting info I wanted to see what others were doing. Is best practice to fill up both tanks before pulling it for the winter? Was thinking stablize the heck out of it, fill both tanks to full...ruin it a bit to cycle the stabil and additives...
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    2 stroke oil

    The Pennzoil XLF is a synthetic blend FWIW
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    2 stroke oil

    I like the Pennzoil XLF in both my Yamaha OX66 225's as well as the 90 HP 2 stroke Johnson on my Boston Whaler Stocked in just about every Wal Mart I've ever been in and nice at $17/gallon Valvoline Marine 2 stroke can be had on WalMart for $15 ish (too sooty for me) The WalMart tcw3 is also...
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    Help with fuel consumption please

    I don't fish much but use my Grady for long cruising with my family (2 adults, 2 kids) Our big trip this summer was a week from Portsmouth NH to Cape Cod to RI to Cuttyhunk, back to Portsmouth. Approx 375 miles and at cruise I was getting about 0.9 all told but again no real trolling going on...
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    Water pump rebuild kits

    That is the Yamaha part # (not Sim Yamaha's part) is also a good spot to search for OEM yamaha parts (sometimes for less than Sierra aftermarket I've seen)
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    282 sailfish vs 30 marlin interior space?

    We have a Sailfish 272 which I understand is exactly the same as the Sailfish 280 from a layout/space standpoint. Grady changed from the 272 to the 280 to reflect the true 28' running hull length. I have 2 little kids (6/3) and they are comfortable together in the aft cabin while my wife and I...
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    Grady club in Maine

    Yes, in Newington NH and interested!
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    Carrying a dinghy on a marlin ?

    I just bought a inflatable roll up dinghy for my 272 Sailfish...the plan is to really only use it when we are somewhere without launch service or at a dock. I'm actually testing it out tonight in the yard to see how easy it is to inflate/deflate (I did buy a rechargeable battery pump to help...
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    I have extra fuel water separating filters, extra fuses, and spark plugs. Beyond that if anything goes really wrong I'll be forced to utilize my SeaTow membership Have a safe trip and post up pics!
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    Great looking sled! We love ours and have been out sleeping overnight (1-2 nights) every wknd since Memorial Day. Getting the family used to the routine and getting it equipped for overnighting. For the size it rides and sleeps very big we feel but my kids are 6/3 so they have their "back...
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    I also have a 98 272 Sailfish and same motors as you....when I got it last yr it had 6 yr old Interstates in it...starting battery Group 24 for each motor and a deep cycle 27 for the house. I replaced with starting batteries for each group 24 but found out there was enough room to put a 31 in...
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    Coffee Maker for a boat

    I bought one and have used it 2x on the boat so far...the past 2 Sunday AM Works pretty well....brew cycle is a bit long at approx 15 mins but figure I'm already using propane outside for the boat grill so this is workable as well. It has 4 rubber feet which keeps it pretty stable...wouldnt want...
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    Optimal Cruise Speed for Fuel Efficiency? 1998 272

    Thanks both....last yr when I brought the boat up from CT to NH 205 miles all water route I ran about 3400 RPM's when conditions allowed it. That felt like a comfortable/safe cruise speed for the boat but will be getting more time in it this season so will experiment at different RPM's and see...
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    Optimal Cruise Speed for Fuel Efficiency? 1998 272

    Curious where folks are running their 272 Sailfish (or similar Sailfish/Marlin) to achieve the right blend of fuel efficiency and speed. Speed and/or RPM's Twin 225 OX66 Yamaha I know this boat/motor combo is very thirsty on fuel so any little help making sure I'm running at the...