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    Stereo Replacement

    Liking the reviews on the JL Audio speakers. Also the Fusion heads...but, want one with a cd player
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    Stereo Replacement

    Any recommendations? Want to replace my system with an upgrade....hopefully retain existing speaker locations and holes ....looks like a set of 6 inch speakers in the cockpit/helm area and a set of 5 inch in the cabin. Current stereo head is mounted inside the cabin by the power panel on my...
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    Dragged My Mooring

    google "Mattapoisett Storm" images and see some of the mayham that Oct blow caused us. I was at a protected marina, but also have a mooring in the harbor that got socked bad.
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    208 and engine size

    Had a 209 w/Yammie F150. Perfect engine in my mind. Hit 38 MPH WOT on the GPS. 209 might be alittle less weight than a 208, but I had a T-top on it that added some resistance and weight. Take her for a ride and decide!
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    Took the Grady out of the water today

    Waaaahhhh! Always next year
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    180 Sportsman or 209 Escape (maybe 222)

    Had a 209 with a Yam F150. Pros: Great boat, Easy to trailer, fast, good layout, well built. Cons: not many, maybe could've had alittle more V as she pounded alittle (not much tho)....comparing with other 19-20ftrs I've had Would I buy again? - yes
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    Winterizing hot water system ?

    Legend - my 99 Marlin has a Raritan heater. Best of my knowledge there is a pressure relief valve and NO water drain. I removed both the cold (in/fill) and hot hoses and coupled them together. I have a junction after the freash water tank I hook a portable tank with RV Antifreeze up to....i run...
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    Trailing Sea

    I'm also wondering if the handling of the boat is different with the 4-strks on it...?
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    Trailing Sea

    Its my 2nd season with my Marlin. I have found you need to get the bow out of the water (trimmed engines), keep her on a plane at slowest speed possible (20mph?) and she handles dont want to get the bow caught in the trough or the next need to keep on top of the water as...
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    Another Year in the Books

    I had two great rides this weekend, and will pull her in couple weeks. Trying to rid most of my gas in the tanks (70+ to go) so hopefully will get a run or two in. The more time I get on this boat, the better I like it.....took some time to master the trim and ride in the chop....getting it...
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    Beckson 6” Pry-Out Deck Plates O-Rings

    Bingo - just what I needed....ordered a few. Thanks
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    Marlin w/w fluid tank

    I was on-board until this reply....I never run with the fresh water pump on (and only use the w/w when I am running)....perhaps there is some residual pressure in the fresh water system, but I find that hard to believe....whatever...., it seems to work so far!
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    Marlin w/w fluid tank

    Anyone know where the w/w fluid goes in my 99 Marlin? (I presume that it is not hooked up to the fresh water system and has its own tank) thx
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    Marlin with Single Tank

    1700$ for a single 220gal , 150gals about 2X that thats the prime incentive
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    Marlin with Single Tank

    Anyone put a single tank in a Marlin? Boatyard I work for put a 220 gal tank in a older 24 Offshore. I would love to remove my dual 150gal tanks and put a larger single in. Considerations: fit Resale value (dont care) Hose routing balance ...with 4-strks on her transom, she's alot better on...