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    Transom Rebuild - The Saga Begins

    As I understand it Grady offers a 5 year warranty on the hull. I would seriously doubt they will step up with anything. They also will be VEEEEEERY careful about offering any repair advice because they assume some degree of liability if they get involved and something fails. They won't want to...
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    87 sailfish front window cabin replacement

    When a seagull dropped a clam on my 24 Offshore windshield and broke it, I had to make a template and bring it to a friend who works as a mechanic for a bus line. He made it up in the shop for me.
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    Suggestions for Bimini & full curtain set

    Sorry about the fire bro.
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    New Grady Freedom 325

    Oh Man! SWEEEEET! best of luck with it and if you ever want to get it a little salty and the decks bloody... look me up and we will run it out to the Hudson Canyon! :)
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    What are you paying for insurance?

    Is the boat financed?
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    Seating cushions

    I can't help you with the seat templates but take it from someone who tried to do it themselves and failed....nice job.
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    Boat Renaming....

    :) I have purchased 2 used Gradys in the past....the first time my Bro-In-Law was my partner....luckily the boat was already named 50/50......the second was all my own and that one was already named SWEET MARIE....coincidentally my dearly departed Mom and sister were both named huh?
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    Cut, buff, wax.

    Whoa! Nice.
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    Bottom paint color suggestions.

    I use the bright blue from Interlux. Looks nice.
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    Frying Pan Tower

    I might make the run in the middle of a flat, calm day for the first time. Get the track in your chartplotter....gauge fuel consumption etc. This way when you do it for real you will have a comfort level. Especially if you leave the dock in the dark to be on the spot at first light like I...
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    Trolling speed question...

    I own a single engine boat so I can't answer except to say that I have been trolling stripers in the NY Bight/Breezy Point area for almost 50 years and wind and tide are huge factors in determining trolling RPMs. There have been days where it has been next to impossible to troll in one direction...
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    2 step boarding ladder source?

    I would call Grady and ask....they are always supportive of their customers. I once called with a question about a 1985 Offshore that I used to own and they guy on the phone started off with " When we built those boats......" I knew I had the right guy on the phone.
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    Covers and Antennaes UPDATE These folks were great. I told them I had a 24 Offshore with a hardtop and they had the exact cover in stock. I was very happy with them. I did add a few tarp clips and some rope but that is just boat sits broadside to the open water and gets pounded...
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    Covers and Antennaes UPDATE my new well....seems durable and easy to install. $350.00.....same as one year of shrink wrap. A few pool noodles and some bubble wrap and we were good to go. Thanks all for your input.
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    Transducer question

    I had this problem a while back.....I soaked the ducer in a vinegar solution which cleaned it up considerably. I run a 24 Offshore and the transducer is transom mounted. Nothing would keep the growth off it so a buddy configured a mount which enabled me to lift the ducer out of the water when...