265 express

  1. SkunkBoat

    Autopilot- Garmin Reactor 40 with Smartpump info

    I installed this in spring 2019. Here are related threads AutoPilot upgrade from manual hydraulic Field replaceable fittings for SeaStar 5/16ID hose It has worked flawlessly on long runs in seriously ugly crap and I consider it one of the best upgrades I’ve ever done on the boat. It crapped...
  2. cmware

    265 Express Engine Options

    Hi all. Looking to purchase a 265 Express and see most have 200HP Yamaha with either I-4 or V6 and some 225HP. Does anyone have experience with the 200HP I-4 (inline 4)? Wondering if it would be quite underpowered? What’s normal cruising speed and rpm with the 200’s? Would you recommend holding...
  3. SkunkBoat

    Toe rail removed

    These things made cleaning difficult Now they are gone. Reinforced the brush/ gaff holders with a piece of starboard The only drawback we could think of was possibility of sliding cooler crushing a rod. But we don’t put fishing rods there
  4. SkunkBoat

    Powerwinch 300 Capstan

    Bought this to install LAST season and never got to it. Finally got done...almost...needs cleanup. 6 gauge safety (red/yellow) duplex run from Port Start battery switch, 25A breaker, fed thru port side pvc tubes to the anchor locker. Foot switch and a relay. This is a one direction capstan...
  5. SkunkBoat

    Plastic tub repair

    Thought about doing this for years on my last boat. Finally tried it on the 265. Plastic tubs have cracked brittle rims. Missing large sections of rim. Made new rims from glass cloth and epoxy. The idea is to match the shape . Use clear packing tape to cover the opening. (Epoxy doesn't stick...
  6. SkunkBoat

    265express coaming vinyl project

    Another project to start. I need to start doing instead of starting....:rolleyes: I have done this before on another boat using pvc board. This time I can use existing plastic backer. Used the Sailrite website. BTW, they have a good video for this coaming project. Went with 2" dry foam...
  7. SkunkBoat

    Enclosure storage

    Quick project to protect my new enclosure for the winter. 20 feet of TACO track $99 on Amazon, a couple of scrap 2x3 studs and some screws Track came as two 8 footers and a 4 footer. I cut the track into four 24", six 16", and left a 48" uncut. Worked perfectly for a full enclosure on a 265...
  8. SkunkBoat

    Hardtop paint-265Express

    I'm in the process of removing the hardtop on my 265 Express. It developed some cracks in the rear crossbar. While I have it apart I'm thinking of doing some touchup glass work on the top and painting it. It Is in good shape, no wet spots, just won't hold a shine and has the usual chips on the...
  9. SkunkBoat

    Deck hatch re-core 265

    Been juggling projects desperately trying to complete before scheduled launch... Got this one done. Tank hatch was a little wet and glass came loose from edge. debated doing a partial repair but when I got into it I didn't stop. I had a nearly full big can of West epoxy and some glass lying...
  10. SkunkBoat

    Fuse block

    So as a side project to my Flat Dash project, I NEEDED to replace the fuse block that is under the dash. 20 years is too old for a fuse block. It had "green" and it was past the time. One of the first projects when I bought the boat was to replace the fuse block up in the hardtop...it was...
  11. SkunkBoat

    265 Express Bow Rail

    I was buffing the boat and really want to remove some rail & outrigger bases to get easy access with the 7" Dewalt. Rail mount screws spin & appear to be thru bolted vs wood screws. Tried to find access... outrigger bases easy behind the removed padding but can't get to or even see the rail...
  12. SkunkBoat

    265 X - flat panel dash

    I'll be mounting a new 12" mfd this winter. Closing up the dash box with black plexiglass(to match cabin hatch and hardtop doors) attached on outside of the where the clear plexi doors were. Mounting the mfd in front of the wheeel and the two Suzuki gauges top right. Dunno what to do with...
  13. SkunkBoat

    Shoot-thru tub in 265express?

    Has anyone mounted one of these in a 265? Its the big version 17.2" x 8.8". I saw a pix once where someone cut the shelf for the oil tank thats in the rear bilge area. That was the smaller version though, I think.. Not much else I could do unless I get rid of one of the water pickups.
  14. SkunkBoat

    vent window repair

    I recently shattered a glass vent window on my 265....long story...I'll spare you... Luckily, all hardware remained onboard. I replaced glass with acrylic sheet .220"x24"x18" from home depot. Project went crazy easy... I used the other window to trace the pattern with a sharpie. Marked the...
  15. SkunkBoat

    265 Express/Suzuki DF200APXW2

    Bye Bye Yamahas.... she is off to get Suzukis Edit: In case you land here and don't want to read thru the whole thread, here is a summary... Twin DF200APXW2 inline 4 cylinder 4 stroke 531 pounds each Drive by wire. http://www.suzukimarine.com/Product Lines/Outboard...
  16. SkunkBoat

    Deck Drain Scupper Surprise

    Here's how my day went. Getting ready to get new motors. It will stay in the water from there for 20 hours of running, then get hauled for 20 hour break-in maintenance and get new bottom paint . So I'm scraping left over crap from trim tabs, digging barnacles and mussels out of the scuppers. So...
  17. SkunkBoat

    Helm Seat Height...and other seat discussions

    I'm playing out ways to improve my helm seat without spending $1000+ Has anyone raised the height of their helm seat? I think its too low on my 265 express View with current setup Pompanette type seat on 23" high pedestal base (2 -7/8" dia) View with 6" of cushions added to raise me up...
  18. SkunkBoat

    265 Express w/Suzuki DF250AP re-post

    I've been dating this boat for 2 years and I think its time to put a ring on her finger. So I'm in the "get a loan so I can re-power" mode...I have constant daydreams and night sweats... Looking at twin Suzuki DF200AP or possibly DF250APs I remembered a post from 2018 but had a hard time...
  19. SkunkBoat

    Ditched the cooler and I feel great

    I finally laid down the law and said NO to coolers. We left the 120 qt cooler on the dock and also no extra beer cooler. The 265 has a giant fishbox in the deck that can hold 250 pounds of ice (if needed). The live well is insulated and can also double as a cooler. We made several tuna trips and...
  20. Flex Time Sunset Cruise

    Flex Time Sunset Cruise

    A sunset trip from the beach off Mantoloking thru Manaquan Inlet.