265 express

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    Garmin reactor 40 Autopilot Smart Pump in the void under the starboard seating.
  2. SkunkBoat

    Field replaceable fittings for SeaStar 5/16ID hose

    Anybody here have actual experience with using Parker part# 2TFMS-6-5b as a permanent fix or to make new hoses out of old SEASTAR hoses for Seastar Outboard Hydraulic steering? I'm talking about the 1000psi hoses not the 3/8 nylon compensation hose. These fittings have 9/16-24 thread and an...
  3. SkunkBoat

    AC Boat Show

    So I was at the boat show and talked to Mercury regarding 225s and the also the joystick. According to the boat show people....Mercury joystick helm is only available on select new boats. They work with the boat brand to optimize the software of the product to the hull model/engine...
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  6. SkunkBoat

    Windlass - opinions please

    I'm considering adding a windlass to my 265 express. I have no experience with a windlass. Always had a smaller boat. I've used a capstan on a destroyer but that doesn't help me here... Looking at Lewmar ProFish 700, H700 or V700. ProFish seems ideal with the FreeFall, H700 is same thing...
  7. SkunkBoat

    AutoPilot upgrade from manual hydraulic

    So I'm thinking of adding autopilot to my 265 Express. It has manual Seastar 1.7cu in Tilt helm. I would need to add power assist pump which I'm seeing as $1800...can that be right? For autopilot I see I would also need an autopilot pump at $400. And I would still need an autopilot from garmin...
  8. SkunkBoat

    265xpress/Yamaha control cables

    Port engine cable bundle was rubbing on the threaded steering crossbar when the motor was raised/lowered. There was no cable cover, just a zip-tied bundle of wires/cables/fuel line. I kept saying "I should do something about that"....I didn't....I still have in my head that I want new 4 strokes...
  9. SkunkBoat

    265 mods

    Some things I've been doing... Removed rusty fridge that I was never going to use. My brother had some left over mahogany. Made a door frame and added a plexiglass door. There is a floor in there made of pvc board. Very disappointed with the OE rod storage in the cabin. Put some rod...
  10. SkunkBoat

    New Battery Config for 265

    Here's a rough idea of what I'm trying to do. I want to be able to switch on batteries without opening hatches and removing bins on both sides of the boat. Both starting batteries on port side and doubled house batteries on stbd side. Utilizing existing switches for emergency combining. There...
  11. SkunkBoat

    oval "euro" nav/anchor DPDT switch?

    So, finally started getting some things done. Have been rewiring some things, adding a gps/ff, some new deck lights... My wiper was removed by PO. Don't care because they are useless on a 265. So I want to use the switch for some new spreader lights. But, I want to replace the SPST lighted...
  12. SkunkBoat

    Sidescan Xducer mounting

    Anybody have a sidescan sonar with a transom mounted transducer? Does outboard(s) motor interfere with sidescan? I'm looking to put a secondary sonar on my Grady 265. Looking at Garmin 94sv. Going with Garmin because boat already has a 4208 (with a garmin24 Sonar unit and Airmar trhu Hull...
  13. SkunkBoat

    New to me 265 Express

    New member, new boat. Moved up from an '84 Wellcraft V20 that I ran for 18 years. I wanted to go bigger. Really loved the 265 express layout. Working thru some bugs... 1 cracked thermostat housing dribble 1 oil tank pump wouldn't fill the little tank Now having charging issues. one battery...